Scott Botko, TBC's Store Manager of the Year

Scott joined TBC in 2009 and immediately became a valuable member of TBC and the University community. Through the years, his entrepreneurial spirit has served NMT and its customers well. The store’s merchandise reflects Scott’s intuitive understanding of campus culture and needs. For over a decade, Scott has consistently produced a successful enterprise for NMT with popular merchandise and innovative displays. His love for his job, team, and campus community is evident in his dedication to New Mexico Tech.

Scott grew up in Clinton, MA His life has been anything but ordinary. Before his retail career, Scott was in the opal mining industry in Australia. In 1987 Scott moved to California, attended the Gemological Institute of America, and received degrees in jewelry manufacturing and diamond grading. While at the institute, he began his retail career and quickly moved into management. On January 17th, 1994, at 4:31 a.m., his world instantly changed. A 6.9 magnitude earthquake, now known as the Northridge earthquake, violently shook him out of bed. His home and his store were totally destroyed. With no home and no job, he and his wife packed up their car and headed back to Clinton, where he had grown up. As they traveled across the U.S. to return home, they drove through New Mexico and decided to stop for a visit. The rest is history. Over 25 years later and they are still in New Mexico. He and a business partner founded Intor Inc., a high-quality optical components manufacturer. After 15 successful years, the partnership dissolved, and fortune shined on Texas Book Company and New Mexico Tech. Scott joined TBC as NMT’s campus store manager.

Scott and his wife have been married for 30 years. They are proud parents of three children: Bryn, a school teacher; Ryan, an electrical engineer; and Kayla, who is working on her criminal justice degree. Scott loves spontaneous road trips, anything that involves salt or fresh water, fishing, camping, and mountain hiking.


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