Cindy Munsterteiger, Southwest Texas Junior College Store – Manager

Congratulations to Cindy Munsterteiger, manager at Southwest Texas Junior College Bookstore, and the 2019 Elaine T. Brown Spirit Award recipient.The Spirit Award is given by TBC executive leadership in honor of Elaine T. Brown, a long-time valued TBC bookstore manager who always went above and beyond expectation. Cindy embodies the service excellence spirit to her customers and her peers.

Cindy goes above and beyond to provide excellent service to all and is willing to do any job and go anywhere needed. Cindy started with TBC in 1992 as a sales floor clerk at San Antonio College Bookstore. Over the following eight years, she learned everything she could about the textbook business and was promoted to textbook coordinator, and then held two store management positions in the Alamo College District stores. In 2005 Cindy was promoted to regional manager. After seven years in the regional manager role, she retired to spend more time with her family. Lucky for TBC, Cindy could not stay away from the business or TBC and rejoined us in 2014 as the bookstore manager at Odessa College. In 2018 she packed up and moved to Big Bend area to manage the Southwest Texas Junior College Bookstore, where she is today.

Cindy is a teacher and a life-long learner. She was a loyal protégé and friend of the late Pam Keeling, who served as TBC’s vice president of retail. Cindy credits Pam for her expertise in the textbook industry. When reflecting on her time under Pam’s watchful eye and teaching Cindy said, “When I think about someone who always believed in me, I always think of Pam Keeling. It didn’t matter how many questions I had; Pam always took the time to explain the answers. I will be forever grateful to her.” Following in Pam’s footsteps, Cindy has been called on time and time again to train newly hired managers. Always humble, Cindy is an expert in the textbook industry and always eager to share her knowledge with her colleagues. In her leisure time, Cindy enjoys spending time with her eight-year-old grandson and watch him play baseball. Her granddaughter, soon to be three, is more into tea parties, so she has spent countless hours drinking imaginary tea. Cindy is a proud mother of two sons. One lives in San Antonio and the other in Madison, Wisconsin. She has five grandchildren, one boy, and four girls.

Cindy loves to read. You can always count on her to recommend a good book. Like a true Texan, Cindy enjoys watching her favorite sports teams, the Houston Astros, the San Antonio Spurs, and the Dallas Cowboys. When Cindy retires, she wants to devote more time to crafts and hobbies and traveling with her grandkid. Destination – Niagara Falls.

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