Jessica Bright, St. Edward’s University Store – Manager

Congratulations to Jessica Bright (JB), manager at St. Edward’s University Bookstore, and the 2019 Manager of the Year recipient. Jessica joined TBC in June 2011 as the store manager at Concordia University. After seven successful years at Concordia, she assumed the manager’s role at St. Edward’s University in June 2018.

Jessica eagerly credits the trust and empowerment given to her by TBC as what makes her strive to be a top-tier leader, and drive her store team to greatness. After coming out of a “soulless big box” retail environment where original ideas and solutions were not appreciated, she has a tremendous appreciation for TBC’s agility and encouragement of out-of-the-box ideas and solutions. TBC has been a perfect fit with her inquisitive nature and allowed her to create ways to motivate employees and grow store sales.

Travel is Jessica’s new passion. In the last few years, she has traveled to exciting domestic and international destinations, including Ireland, Scotland, New England, and the Pacific Northwest. Italy is in her sights for her next adventure. When not working or traveling, Jessica enjoys playing pool, live music concerts, standup comedy shows, hiking, gaming, and reading.

Jessica in Scotland

When asked about her dreams and aspirations, Jessica comfortable sense of self was endearing. Jessica said, “Dang, I think I might be boring. I feel quite fulfilled. It is important always to have something to look forward to, but for me right now, those are simple things like the author signing or the
trip to Italy next year.” It will come as no surprise to those who know Jessica that she has a collection of swords, or “Katanas” as she clarifies the technical term. As part of her collection of Katanas, she has added fantasy daggers. She is a student of the art of sword making and the uses of swords.

Congratulations, Jessica. Your leadership and dedication to your team and TBC is deserving of this prestigious award.