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As a longstanding member of the nation’s academic community, we understand the need for trustworthy partners, committed to affordable education. For 40-plus years we have dedicated ourselves to lowering the cost of education by offering more used books, and the most affordable total textbook cost.

We recognize that used books are a fundamental part of a textbook program and make them our specialty! TBC’s commitment to used books has resulted in the highest corporate used-to-total book ratio in the nation! Our unrivaled track record offers an unmatched financial advantage to college students via our most economical textbook and course material program, InTuition

InTuition is a customizable rental program based on a per-credit hour model and allows the Institution to combine textbook fees with tuition.

  • Each student is guaranteed all required course materials by the first day of class. 
  • Linking books and tuition guarantees a lower pricing model, thus offering a greater savings to students. 
  • Students understand the semester costs upfront and can easily use their financial aid for all expenses.  
  • Program features are determined based on campus-specific needs.  Course materials can include print and digital formats, depending on faculty preferences.   

TBC, the largest textbook distributor in the Southwest, offers our customers top-priority access to over 250,000 titles. Our customers are an exclusive group of institutions that do not stand in line with hundreds of other institutions associated with a mega-size management company. TBC customers consistently report that priority access to our used book inventory has produced unmatched used book availability for their students.


A Full Campus Store To Meet Your Needs.

Your search has ended if you are looking for a committed partner that can care for every aspect of your store needs. We offer a full range of emblematic products, clothing, gifts, personal effects, school and art supplies, trade books, reference material and textbooks.


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