Course Material Management

For schools that need more than a virtual store, we offer OnCourse+.  Institutions ready to turn over the course materials department to the experts can trust us to deliver top-tier service, technology, and affordable options.  The school continues operation of the campus store, and turns the course material department over to us, thus eliminating the financial risk and course materials responsibilities.

Our hybrid course material management service includes year-round management services that can be performed off-site, on-campus, virtual, or a combination depending on institutional needs.  Our on-campus course material operations allow the institution to operate the general merchandise departments or contract to another vendor.  The course materials department remains in the bookstore, and we assume all financial, personnel, and management responsibilities.  Course material customer traffic continues to drive sales in other departments.

The course material management service includes:

  • Course material liaison/manager
  • Online tools for faculty
  • On-campus relationship with faculty
  • All course materials, print and digital
  • Online bookstore and order fulfillment
  • Text management system
  • Management technology interface with LMS and SIS
  • Affordable electronic and digital course materials
  • Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Inclusive Access programs for print and digital (course materials cost included with tuition and fees)



Do You Prefer A Fully Managed Solution?

Your search has ended if you are looking for a committed partner that can care for every aspect of your campus store needs. We offer a full range of emblematic products, clothing, gifts, personal effects, school and art supplies, trade books, reference materials and course materials.


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