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Benefits of OnCourse:

OnCourse offers a variety of economical course material options to accommodate all learning styles, lifestyles and budgets.  Whether a student needs new or used course materials, rental, ebooks, or other digital alternatives, OnCourse can provide every option at the lowest price possible. >> Learn More

OnCourse technology synchronizes course material adoptions with the school’s online registration. This gives students easy and accurate access to all their required course materials, and a one-click option to navigate directly from registration to course material purchase. This convenient feature ensures selection of the correct materials every time. Students can choose convenient delivery to their door!  >> Learn More

OnCourse  provides faculty with a complete kit of teaching and administrative tools. The OnCourse adoption solution pre-populates faculty’s course lists so they know which class adoptions they are responsible for. Faculty can access past textbook lists or use a Google-like search tool to compare texts and reviews of course materials, add new books, custom course-packs, and digital course tools.     >> Learn More

Delivering with speed and accuracy since 1975.

Priority-one is delivering the correct books and materials to students before the first day of class. Customers from all over the world rely on TBC and OnCourse to provide rapid and reliable order fulfillment. Our industry-leading handling and delivery system guarantees the right books, on time, at our lowest price.   >> Learn More

OnCourse gives students the ease and convenience to use all types of financial aid funds for online purchases; federal, state, local, and third-party, including Pell, Vocational Rehabilitation, ROTC, and Employer Grants. OnCourse can synchronize specifications regarding fund effective date, taxability, merchandise type, reporting, and billing specifically for the type of scholarship, loan or grant.  >> Learn More

OnCourse provides real-time reporting with complete process transparency. From order and financial aid management reports,  to other school-specified custom reports, leave it all to us.  >> Learn More

When students’ purchasing needs extend beyond their course and classroom requirements, OnCourse virtual store offers a broad selection of logo clothing, supplies, electronics, and reference materials.  >> Learn More

Today students face a wide variety of course material options, and prices escalating more rapidly than inflation. The cost and expertise required to keep pace with course material trends and technology can be overwhelming.  Let us help

OnCourse makes course material purchasing convenient and worry free.  OnCourse provides students a variety of economical options for print and digital materials, subscriptions, OER, and custom course-packs to accommodate all learning styles.  Whether a student needs new or used textbooks, rental, ebooks or one of many digital alternatives, OnCourse offers every option. OnCourse technology synchronizes course material adoptions with the school’s online registration.  This gives students easy and accurate access to all their required course materials, and a one-click option to navigate directly from registration to course material purchase

Our mission is to provide the most cost effective course materials to support learning and accommodate students’ varied economic circumstances and electronic capabilities. 

Used Books

The transition from print to digital does not eliminate the value of the traditional printed used textbook. Used textbooks are a fundamental part of the campus store course material program, and TBC’s specialty! Used textbook sales are 41% of our total textbook sales.

Students have never been happy about the price of textbooks.  Historically they made their purchase decisions based on in-class usage. Now, price has become the deciding factor. With used textbooks becoming more and more difficult to acquire, and publishers undermining the used textbook market, we continue to maintain a highly sought after used textbook inventory. The pursuit of a limited quantity of high-demand books is a full-time, year-round, day-in day-out commitment.  Our unprecedented used textbook success takes a team of committed people, a corporate commitment to training, and excellent faculty relations.  Our unrivaled track record offers an unmatched financial advantage to our student customers.

As one of the largest suppliers of used textbooks in the U.S., we offer our customers priority access to over 250,000 used textbook titles.

Textbook Rental

Saving money through textbook rental, priced to guarantee maximum savings, is one of the most sought after value for students today. For many students, textbook rental makes their education affordable. 

Our rental program has seen double-digit growth in the past three years. Students saved over $1.8 million dollars last year by renting instead of purchasing course materials.  Our rental program can save students up to 83% compared to the new book price. 

TBC’s rental program brings the best of market share retention, and great customer service to the student consumer.  OnCourse technology allows students to combine rental transactions with purchases. Repeat rental transactions are a breeze with our customer data program.

Digital Textbooks

OnCourse digital technology supports all digital formats, access codes, online codes and other electronic materials to satisfy price, portability, and learning content demands.

Today’s robust digital learning landscape is designed to meet the demand for affordability and portability.  OnCourse satisfies their price and mobility requirements and provides students a side-by-side comparison of all available formats and prices for their required materials; new, used, rental, and digital.

Our partnerships with digital publishers and distributors such as RedShelf and VitalSource allow students to download directly to their electronic devices.  eBooks are mobile optimized for the best reading experience.   Students can access eBooks on any web–enabled device, including tablets and smart phones. Digital content can be read online or offline, enabling students to read digital material on their device without Internet connectivity.



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