Integrated Financial Aid Options

Benefits of OnCourse:

OnCourse offers a variety of economical course material options to accommodate all learning styles, lifestyles and budgets.  Whether a student needs new or used course materials, rental, ebooks, or other digital alternatives, OnCourse can provide every option at the lowest price possible. >> Learn More

OnCourse technology synchronizes course material adoptions with the school’s online registration. This gives students easy and accurate access to all their required course materials, and a one-click option to navigate directly from registration to course material purchase. This convenient feature ensures selection of the correct materials every time. Students can choose convenient delivery to their door!  >> Learn More

OnCourse  provides faculty with a complete kit of teaching and administrative tools. The OnCourse adoption solution pre-populates faculty’s course lists so they know which class adoptions they are responsible for. Faculty can access past textbook lists or use a Google-like search tool to compare texts and reviews of course materials, add new books, custom course-packs, and digital course tools.     >> Learn More

Delivering with speed and accuracy since 1975.

Priority-one is delivering the correct books and materials to students before the first day of class. Customers from all over the world rely on TBC and OnCourse to provide rapid and reliable order fulfillment. Our industry-leading handling and delivery system guarantees the right books, on time, at our lowest price.   >> Learn More

OnCourse gives students the ease and convenience to use all types of financial aid funds for online purchases; federal, state, local, and third-party, including Pell, Vocational Rehabilitation, ROTC, and Employer Grants. OnCourse can synchronize specifications regarding fund effective date, taxability, merchandise type, reporting, and billing specifically for the type of scholarship, loan or grant.  >> Learn More

OnCourse provides real-time reporting with complete process transparency. From order and financial aid management reports,  to other school-specified custom reports, leave it all to us.  >> Learn More

When students’ purchasing needs extend beyond their course and classroom requirements, OnCourse virtual store offers a broad selection of logo clothing, supplies, electronics, and reference materials.  >> Learn More

Our financial aid management solution configures the financial aid process specifically for accepted scholarships, loans and grants. OnCourse assigns a fund hierarchy, taxable status, and purchase controls by merchandise category, and a billing flag that applies the charge to the sponsor’s AR balance. Often students use multiple funding sources in one purchase transaction.  OnCourse can split-tender and fund the purchase according to the specified fund hierarchy and purchase controls.

  • Multiple grant support
  • Split-tender capability
  • Tax-specific processing by award type
  • Date sensitivity to individual awards
  • Compliance management
  • Purchase transaction receipt displays aid use and remaining funds
  • Real-time updates to student accounts
  • Integration with institution SIS and TBC management systems

Eliminate Overspending
OnCourse prevents overspending a financial aid account by posting transaction in real-time to the student’s account and respective funding sources.  The OnCourse control system guards against overspending of aid funds by students who make multiple purchases in a single day.

No Hassle Returns
Return of items purchased with financial aid funds is easy for the student and the school.  OnCourse reimburses financial aid funds to the student’s financial aid account, credits the source fund balance in real-time, and delivers accurate accounting and reports to the school.  Quick and accurate reimbursement of funds allows students to reuse available financial aid funds immediately.

Reduce Paperwork
OnCourse takes the headache out of reconciliation, reporting, and billing with reporting specified by the school, including supporting transaction details.


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