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Established in 1975, Texas Book Company is one of the largest companies servicing the College Textbook industry.

Computer and Internet technology has forced colleges and universities into a competitive environment beyond their historical community boundaries. Today's students and faculty are technologically sophisticated, and their expectations are heightened with the availability of contemporary and modern shopping environments and Internet accessibility. A modern bookstore, equipped with state-of-the-art computer technology, and the convenience of a Bookstore Web site, is critical to any bookstore's success. Texas Book Company's technology expertise assures that our customers are keeping pace with student and faculty demands, and minimizing loss to Internet competition.

Today's diverse student population requires equal accessibility to textbooks, supplies and merchandise. Texas Book Company web sites provide the essential link for non-traditional students, which helps retain customer loyalty, and ensure all students the same level of service convenience.

Our web sites offer faculty a convenient and efficient method of adopting textbooks, ordering required course materials and supplies, and a complete kit of teaching and administrative tools. Faculty members can research titles, request review copies, and browse through bestseller lists pertaining to their discipline.

Texas Book Company is setting the pace with advanced technologies to improve bookstore efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. To give a broader scope of the Company's commitment to service through technology advancements, we continually invest in specialized hardware, software and electronic commerce to strengthen bookstore accessibility and customer services. Texas Book Company stores are equipped with the most advanced Point-of-Sale System available. Advanced A/R interface technology is available to customers with compatible technology.

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