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Established in 1975, Texas Book Company is one of the largest companies servicing the College Textbook industry.

At Texas Book Company, “Service Excellence” is more than a slogan. Texas Book Company’s Service Excellence Program distinguishes us from all other academic retailers.

Knowing and understanding our customers is paramount to our ability to meet their needs. TBC’s Service Excellence Program ensures customer awareness and facilitates active participation in campus life, promotes effective and ample communication with faculty and administration, and assesses customer satisfaction. All Texas Book Company team members, including executives, are required to meet customer satisfaction benchmarks.

Our impeccable reputation for customer satisfaction is a result of our quality assurance initiatives:

  • Continuous staff development
  • Monthly communication agenda focused on selected school administrators and/or faculty
  • Campus life participation
  • Student life participation
  • Customer surveys
  • Mystery Shopper assessments
  • Administrative Scorecards
  • Faculty Scorecards

Staff compensation and advancement opportunities are reflective of our quality assurance monitoring. Our reputation is evidence of the effectiveness of our training and the impact on customer satisfaction.

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