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Established in 1975, Texas Book Company is one of the largest companies servicing the College Textbook industry.

Award Recepients - 2015



Store Manager of the Year June 2015
Marci Dale, Manager 

Brazosport College Bookstore


Marci received Store Manager of the Year June 2015 and the Elaine T. Brown Spirit award in June 2014.


Marci has lived in Mississippi, Alaska, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Hawaii and Australia. She has at one time driven through every one of the 50 states, England, Ireland and Fiji. If you ever want to go anywhere - ask Marci first. She could probably tell you something about your destination!


Since 1997 when she and Kenny met, she has learned a lot about remodeling houses; foundations, sheet rock, wood flooring, painting, and plumbing. She can do it all except electrical! Anyone need a store re-model?


Marci has four children and her husband, Kenny, has four children; totaling eight kids; five girls and three boys ranging from ages 27 to 37. She is over the moon having five grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. No way can Marci be a great-grandmother...but she is!


 She enjoys her Jack Russell Terriers; 15 year old Tucker and 11 year old Max. Marci is a gamer... she plays Sudoku, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, and Candy Crush, too.


Marci graduated from Brazosport in 2003 with a programming degree. That same year she started with Texas Book Company when TBC became the bookstore management firm for Brazosport College. Marci was promoted to the store manager in 2012.


Marci's father served in the Air Force, her brothers both in the Army, one of her sons served in the Navy and the other son is a Major in the Air Force. Marci could probably talk military quite easily, you think?


Marci, your Texas Book Company family is very appreciative for the sacrifices made by your family to provide protection for the citizens of the United States. Thank them for us please. And, thank you for all you do for Texas Book Company!




FY 2014 Most Improved Store Manager

Beth Savage, Manager

Del Mar College Bookstore


Beth received the FY 2014 Most Improved Store Manager at the June 2015 annual meeting awards banquet. Beth has also received a Shooting Star and Shining Star recognition. Congratulations for a job well-done, Beth!


Beth is a born and bred New Englander (born and raised in Maine, lived in Massachusetts for 12 years), and therefore a New England Patriots fan! Needless to say, last year's Super Bowl was very big for Beth.  She has put a sign up in her office that says "Do your job", which is Patriots coach Bill Belichek's favorite saying. So if anyone has spare tickets to the Dallas Cowboys-Patriots game in October, Beth says give her a call!


Beth comes from a family with eight children (six sisters and one brother).  July 17 is her niece's wedding in Maine and it will be the first time all eight siblings will have been together in 15 years! A special time indeed - enjoy!


Beth got married in 2012. She and her husband eloped and their third anniversary is in November.  She says "I thought about hyphenating my last name, but then it would be Savage-Payne, which sounds like I'm being tortured".


She and her husband, Chris, came to Corpus Christi from Massachusetts three years ago when he got a job in the oil business. Deciding they were tired of the snow and ice, Beth quit her job at Barnes & Noble and they packed up and headed for Texas.  "We have really taken to living near the water - going to the beach, fishing, and the warmer weather."


Beth has worked in bookstores since 1992. Her first college bookstore job as a manager-in-training was with Follett. Yea for Texas Book Company because we have Beth now!







Elaine T. Brown Spirit Award
Doug Richardson, Manager   
Oklahoma Christian University Campus Bookstore



Doug began his career with Texas Book Company in February 2009 as the text manager at OC. He moved into the store manager position in April 2014.


Doug graduated with a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Univ of Central Oklahoma 2007 and earned a MBA from Oklahoma Christian in 2014. While with TBC he has received recognition with the following accolades: The Elaine T. Brown Spirit award June 2015 (exemplifying the Spirit of Texas Book Company); Shining Star in April 2014; and received Most Improved Text Margin 2010 while he was the text manager.

Doug has been married for eight years to Jaylynn, and has two kids Ava who is five (almost six) and Burke who is four (almost five). Doug and Jaylynn adopted Ava when she was two years old after having been her foster parents since she was six weeks old.

Doug is proud that he is a sixth generation Oklahoman. He is active in his church and helps out in numbers of ways. He loves to travel, fish, collect coins and pocket knives along the way.

Doug was the student body president of Rose State College. While at RSC, he created the Raiders mascot and even served as the mascot for a period of time. The Raider is for Doolittle's Raiders who were WWII Bomber Pilots. Don't mess with a Raider bomber!


Doug's willingness to serve others is a blessing to those on the receiving end. Thanks Doug for your service to Texas Book Company.




Dane Hunt

2015 Dyer Award Recipient



The Dyer Award is presented to a team member, in Winford Dyer's memory, that empowers the spirit, encouragement and fortitude exhibited by Mr. Dyer in his life. Individuals that inspire others to reach past perceived limitations and embrace the company's values and goals as their own are nominated by members of the leadership team.


Dane Hunt is an inspiration to his team and others.  He is the top Desk Copy buyer of the team, despite a difficult market and challenges in purchasing Desk Copies. In a time when it is getting tougher & tougher to purchase books from faculty members, Dane still purchases almost 30% of the total Desk Copy purchases.  He has an excellent relationship with his customers and is able to go back time & time again. His customer service focus, "can do attitude", and his ability to push past the perceived limitations, is a huge part of what makes him successful. 


Dane and his wife, Katrina, live in McKinney, Texas, right on the golf course, where Dane frequently spends his free time. They have one daughter, Amanda. Dane has been a Texas Book Company team member for 24 years!   Congratulations Dane on being recognized as the 2015 Dyer Award Winner!




 Team Member of the Year - Wholesale 
Doug Day


Spirit Award - Warehouse 
Matilda Garcia


Rookie of the Year
Devin Whitehead


Buyer of the Year
John Cox


Customer Service Representative of the Year
Ieshia Bloodsoe


Most Improved - Customer Service
Ashley Smith

Team Member of the Year - Corporate Support
Melissa Phillips

Team Member of the Year - Warehouse
Kathy Hudson

Customer Service - Warehouse
Bill Schoen

Most Improved - Warehouse
Lynn Hughes

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